In The Media

A compelling new documentary... both uplifting and heartbreaking.
— Chris Gerard, Metro Weekly
The doc follows these insanely hardworking and dedicated people from their homes, to the stage and to the patients they care for.
— Henry Rollins, LA Weekly
The raw, emotional film by Emmy award-winner Andrea Kalin brings the statistics to life by featuring women of all ages battling GYN cancers.
— Stephanie Steinberg, US News
Awesome Discovery.
— Robin Hilmantel, Women’s Health
Through their music and the film, the six surgeons are raising awareness about the five major gynecologic cancers…The thought-provoking film… is fueling grassroots advocacy, while spreading the word about women’s crucial healthcare needs.
— Laurel Fishman,
Gripping, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting.
— Bryan Abrams, The Credits
It’s hard not to like this band.
— Elaine Schattner, Forbes
The documentary… captures how it all began. Several women’s stories highlight the urgency in treatment and challenges of finding early detection tools and treatment.
— Women of Teal
An inspiring and humorous new documentary.
— Sue Tomchin, Jewish Woman Magazine

Word On The Street

The film is SPECTACULAR - the audience GOT IT. Congratulations on your masterpiece!
— Los Angeles, California
Wow. I loved the pace of the story. I loved the way the women’s stories were knitted together with the doctors, and while making a powerful reality very clear, was not so gut-punching that it obliterated who all of these people are. I felt motivated rather than frightened. I can’t wait until all these people see it and go off into the world to carry the message.
— Raleigh, North Carolina
The film was thought provoking without being didactic, touching, but not sentimental, true, yet hopeful. These doctors/rockers are heroes!
— Washington, D.C.
Can’t find the words to tell you how moved I am and how thankful I am about N.E.D. the movie. I and everyone in the theatre tonight were thankful for this amazing work of art! You nailed the whole experience on the head. I just want to watch it over and over!! It was this beautiful mixture of humor and raw emotion! I felt so connected to everyone in the film, and the stories you chose hit on all the issues so well.
— Savannah, Georgia
It was an awesome film. I am so glad I saw it. I can’t wait to go to my next GYN appointment and start asking questions!!! And I am now inspired to get to the gym so I can look like Dr. Hope.
— Atlanta, Georgia
Thank you so much for doing this movie and being a voice for GYN cancers.
— Youngstown, OH

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