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The Issue:

Gynecologic cancers are often described as silent killers. Few women know the signs and symptoms, and fewer are comfortable talking about them. Subtle symptoms and limited diagnostic testing means that women’s cancers are often diagnosed in the late stages of the disease. Of the 91,000 women in the U.S. diagnosed with a below-the-belt cancer this year, nearly a third will die. Despite the staggering statistics, funding and awareness continues to be woefully low, and every day women around the world are surprised by these life-altering diagnoses.

Movie Description: 

Six GYN cancer surgeons take on the Big C with Rock ‘n’ Roll in NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE, an intimate, humorous, and inspiring new documentary from award-winning Spark Media. The film interweaves the harrowing experiences and remarkable courage of women, devoted families, and dedicated doctors. As music and medicine join forces in the fight for life, surgeons transform into rising rock stars, and their patients and loved ones jump on the bandwagon, infusing the struggle for survival with heart, hope and Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

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Make an impact in an instant with a tax deductible donation today.  Your generosity will go directly towards expanding our reach into communities across the country and beyond borders. Examples of our continuing work include reaching out to underserved populations who do not have ready access to health care information, and creating additional language versions in video and in print of What Every Woman Should Know.  Please know that you can also make your donation in honor or in memory of your loved ones.   


From volunteering with your local cancer advocacy group to hosting a screening of No Evidence of Disease, from sharing your personal story on our blog to simply being a firm shoulder to lean on for a loved one who might be fighting this disease, there are so many ways you can join the campaign against GYN Cancers.  

Like us on Facebook and learn more about events and medical advances.  If you want to know more about how you specifically can help, contact us.  Together, we will make sure the documentary and its companion pieces will empower women to take control of their health and bring women’s cancers to the forefront of the national dialogue.


The groundbreaking, international grassroots initiative to end women’s cancer, the Globe-athon is an international grassroots effort to unify cancer awareness efforts by staging walks, relays, and other events during the same weekend in countries across the world.  For the inaugural Globe-athon, thousands of participants in 66 countries took a step to end women’s cancers.  Please visit www.globeathon.com for more information.

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